Hexun .com: Meihua biology won the US anti-dumping case; through three years, it stood the overseas market firmly.

On May 21, Meihua biology (600873 shares) announced that United States Department of Commerce on 2013 was published on 18th Chinese export United States imposed anti-dumping duties the final resolution of xanthan gum, ruled 0% of the anti-dumping tax on Meihua bio.

On June 26, 2012, United States Department of Commerce announced from China and Austria xanthan gum products launched anti-dumping investigations. A year later, United States International Trade Commission finds substance found xanthan gum imported from China threaten or damage the United States industry, United States anti-dumping tariffs on this product. According to United States Department of Commerce ruled in May 2013, United States Chinese xanthan gum will be 15.09% to 154.07% of the anti-dumping duties.

Worth noting is that the second half of 2013, Mei hua biological products after production of xanthan gum, to explore the European and American markets, the company actively hiring professional lawyers, against the verdict to the United States Department of Commerce put forward applications for review.

On May 18, 2015, the United States International Trade Commission make a final determination, that Meihua group did not sell below the normal price of the product, xanthan gum products are not dumped, Meihua group exported to the United States 0% of the anti-dumping tax on xanthan gum products.

In addition, Meihua bio reported 2014 annual revenues of 9.9 billion yuan, an increase of 27% net profit of 500 million Yuan, an increase of 24% basic earnings per share of 0.16 Yuan. 15Q1 revenues of 3.1 billion yuan, an increase of 47% net profit of 180 million Yuan, an increase of 141%.

People in the industry think that Meihua organisms in the rapid expansion of production capacity in the area of xanthan gum, xanthan gum have become important suppliers. This export United States 0 tariffs on their achievements, for which there is no doubt that the overseas markets provided a great deal of imagination. Consider the United States as the world's most important market, Meihua current product mix and profitability calculations, United States market for Meihua bio improved profit performance, xanthan gum industry as a whole, China also became a highlight of export trade.

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